Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Speaking/ Writing - The Illusive Banksy

Pictures are a great conversation starter and these images of Banksy's street art work a treat in the classroom.

See below for the images and some suggested questions.

Aerosol cans at the ready...

Look at these images by the infamous and secretive street artist Banksy.

Describe what you can see in each of them.

What do you think about them? Do you like them? Are they funny/ offensive/ political?

Do you think there are any political or social messages that Banksy is trying to convey?

Some people have described Banksy's work as vandalism? Do you agree? Does his work encourage crime? Should this kind of art be banned?

Banksy has been able to keep his identity a secret. How do you think he has done this? Who do you think he is?

Can you think of examples of street art in your city or places you have visited? Describe them to your partner/ your teacher.

Writing exercise

Look at the image of the man hanging from the window. Make up a story about what happened before and what happens next.

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