Thursday, 4 February 2010

Listening/ Speaking/ Writing - Appraisals

A follow up here to the last posting on job interviews. If you want to carry on the theme you could look at job appraisals.

So instead of interviewing each other they are now reviewing each others' performance in their new roles.

Great way to start is with this clip from The Office, Keith's appraisal. Comedy gold but also useful as you can use David's template to get students to write their own appraisal forms.

As a listening exercise students must write down the three questions that David asks Keith, with the four possible answers.

Then in groups students can brainstorm some more - a few ideas below.

David Brent's multiple choice questions to Keith

To what extent do you believe you have the skills and knowledge to perform your job effectively?

Not at all
To some extent
Very much so
Don't know

Do you feel you have received adequate training to use your computer effectively?

Not at all
To some extent
Very much so
Don't know

Do you feel you are given the flexibility to decide how best to accomplish your goals?

Not at all
To some extent
Very much so
Don't know

Additional questions

To what extent do you feel you have good time management skills?

Do you feel you have achieved your objectives in the past year?

Do you think you have worked well in your team this year?

Do you feel you have improved your communication skills?

Do you think you have met your deadlines?

Have you always been on time for work?

Is your physical appearance in work satisfactory?

Do you feel your knowledge of your role has improved?

Have you improved your administration skills?

Role Play - Appraisal Time

- Split the class into 2 groups
- Students must remember/ write down again the jobs they were interviewed for in the last lesson
- Give Group A's jobs to Group B and vice versa
- Both groups need to write an appraisal form using the questions that they brainstormed earlier. Encourage them to also include some open-ended questions
- Once the forms are ready appraisals can begin with each student from Group A reviewing their counterpart in Group B
- At the end of the exercise switch the students around so they get a chance to fulfil both roles

NB Remind students that they can't take the Keith approach and say 'Don't know' to every question!
The students who are being reviewed must give examples to support their answers in the multiple choice questions.

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