Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Speaking - Customs and Traditions

Customs and Traditions

This is a good one to set for homework. Get all your students to fill it in and then discuss the answers in class. Click on the link above to link to the youtube's a good starting point for discussion.

Are these customs similar to or different from customs in your culture? For each example write whether it is similar or different to your culture. If different write what is considered appropriate in your culture.

1. It’s customary in Japan to take your shoes off when entering
a home.

In my country it is normal to…

2. In Greece, it’s not unusual to kiss friends and relatives on both
cheeks when meeting them.

3. In some countries, owning a pet like a dog, a cat, or a bird is
considered inappropriate.

4. In the U.S, arriving 30 minutes early to a dinner party isn’t a
good idea.

Circle the word or phrase that best describes how each situation is viewed in
your culture. Then write a sentence explaining your opinion.

1. saying hello to strangers ( normal / inappropriate / appropriate)

Saying hello to strangers in my culture is considered normal.

2. opening a door for someone (bad form / strange / polite)

3. splitting a restaurant bill with a friend (an insult / a compliment / typical)

4. offering your seat on a bus to a schoolchild (unusual / offensive / normal)

5. chewing food with your mouth open (rude / polite / typical)

6. Kissing your friends hello when you see them (friendly/ strange/ rude)

7. Getting drunk in public (acceptable/ not acceptable/ inappropriate)

8.Using swear words (acceptable/ tolerated/ offensive)

9.Talking about money, for example your salary (normal/unusual/ rude)

10. Discussing religion/politics etc (encouraged/ normal / socially unacceptable)

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